Willowmore Information

Willowmore was officially established in 1874 after starting out as a trading centre on the farm, The Willows. According to some, Willowmore was named after William Joseph, who occupied the farm “The Willows” on which the town was laid out. More romantically, there are others that believe it was named by the farmer, Lukmkul, who combined his wife’s maiden name, Petronella Catherina Moore, with a large willow tree that stood close to the house.


For years, farming has been a main source of income for those living in the area and since the late 1990s it has been one of the biggest mohair producing areas in the world. The town in one of the few in the area not to have to worry about water as plentiful supply is obtained from boreholes on the farm Wanhoop, 26km from town.