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About Steytlerville Crafters

The Baviaans Municipality started a programme for the development of Arts and Crafts in the Greater Baviaans Area early in 2011.

The programme aimed to develop certain craft skills within the local community and simultaneously provide opportunities for income generation.

Steytlerville is known for its astonishing variety of semi-desert vegetation and with its bougainvillea-lined streets and horse-drawn carts, one of the best towns the Karoo has to offer.

In this quintessential slow-paced small town a group of dynamic local women, armed with tile nippers and cutters, pliers and glue are producing beautiful mosaic works ranging from crosses and hearts to vases and bowls and anything in between. In 2011 these women received basic training in mosaic, wire- and tin-work, jewellery making and bottle-cutting using basic tools and mostly recycled material.

As their skills developed they started focussing on mosaic products, but also continued making jewellery, blankets and creating works of art from wood. Today their products are sold from their working craft shop and at various venues, including the Baviaanskloof Craft Shop.

Steytlerville lies at the entrance to the eastern parts of the Baviaanskloof and showcases a host of architectural gems like quaint Edwardian- and Victorian-era houses with tin roofs and large street-facing verandas complete with broekie lace and stained glass windows.

In discussion with the Baviaans Municipality the Hannah Hayward Hall was acquired for them to continue their product development and to assess the viability of a sustainable craft shop in Steytlerville.

They are now in a position to support their own craft shop with stock as well as supply the Baviaanskloof Craft shop as well as the Polka Dot gift shop established in the Royal Hotel in Steytlerville.

A visit to the Steytlerville Craft shop is an absolute essential when visiting the town.

The shop is open every Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9h00 to 17h00.

Any inquiries can be directed to Johan Trollip at or cell 0844878839