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About Steytlerville Churches

The Dutch Reformed Church is the record-holding biggest Edwardian-style church in Southern African, seating 1200 members. The church was inaugurated in 1907. It features an organ consisting of 1046 pipes,.

The site for St Paul’s Anglican Church was given by W Buckley, a builder in Steytlerville and consecrated by Bishop Charles Cornish on 4th July 1900.

The Methodist Church, built in 1886, took five years to complete. It was built following a dispute between one of the town’s founding fathers, John Hayward, and Rev Charles Murray Regarding the Christening of Hayward’s son.

The Dutch Reformed Church reverend refuse to christen Hayward’s eldest son without interviewing his mother, who had stayed at home with a baby since it was too cold to go out. Hayward stormed out saying “in that case I will build my own church”.