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24th July 2017
Please note that the Baviaanskloof road R332 is open and vehicles are able to drive through the Baviaanskloof. Entering from Wilowmore, sedan vehicles are able to drive up to the western Reserve Gate. Entering from Patensie, sedan vehicles can drive up to the eastern Reserve gate. In the Reserve section (between the two gates) the road is only open to 4x4 vehicles with high ground clearance, 4x2 vehicles with diff-lock and high clearance, adventure type two wheel motorbikes (no off-road bikes allowed) and 4x4 trailers. It takes approximately 5 hours to travel from one gate to the next (60km). Please be cautious as their currently roadworks in the Reserve section. It is recommended that vehicles pulling trailers and bush caravans be 4x4's. For any enquiries, please contact the Baviaans Tourism Office on 044 923 1702.
6th December 2016
Meet the Crafters of the Baviaans in the February issue of Country Life.
1st February 2016
WARNING Baboons at Rooihoek
WARNING to all those who wish to camp at Rooihoek in the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site. The baboons at the Rooihoek campsite are very destructive and can damage unattended goods, food, equipment etc. Please lock and close all your food and belongings carefully and securely when leaving your campsite.
14th January 2016
A book about the Baviaanskloof by Liesl Hattingh is available. The aim of this book then is to give tourists an idea of the Baviaanskloof's uniqueness, from the exceptional people that live here and used to live here, to the massive variety of plants and animals.
6th August 2014
No petrol or diesel in Baviaanskloof
All visitors to the Baviaanskloof please note that there is no petrol or diesel available in the Baviaanskloof any more. It is recommended that visitors to the Kloof fill up at the 24hr Zaaymans Engen Garage in Willowmore or in Patensie.
4th November 2013
EC Parks Reserve Reserve Management has implemented specific regulations regarding mountain biking and hiking in the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve.
30th September 2011
Baviaanskloof Road section between Bergplaas and Zandvlakte accessible to 4x4's with low range. In general, the road is in a good condition, but challenging drifs await at Smitskraal and Akkerdal. Sedan vehicles can drive into the Kloof from Willowmore to Zandvlakte.
3rd September 2011
7th May 2011
Smitskraal day visitor area in Nature Reserve
The Smitskraal day visitor area situated within the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve has now been upgraded and is open to all those wishing to stop and strech their legs when driving through the Reserve. At the moment, it's also the only official area where a visitor will be allowed to stop when driving through. At Smitskraal there are picnic spots situated on the banks of the Kouga river and a person will also be able to swim in the river. More enquiries, please contact 042-2837912.
7th January 2011
Permits for Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
Visitors to the Baviaanskloof are requested to purchase a permit when entering the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve section situated between Poortjies and Geelhoutbos. Permits are available at the EC Parks & Tourism office at Komdomo and the entrance gate on the eastern side of the Kloof and at Makkedaat Caves, Zandvlakte Guest Farm and the Reserve Gate on the western side of the Baviaanskloof. Permits are also available at the Baviaans Tourism Office in Willowmore.
1st December 2010
Gate times for Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve
All tourist wishing to travel to the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve will be asked not to enter the Reserve after dark (Summer 19h00 to 05h00 / Winter 18h00 tot 06h00). This will be implemented purely for safety reasons.
1st December 2010
A flash flood hit Willowmore in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday night turning rivers and streams into raging torrents. Police spokesperson, captain John Fobian, says around 80mm of rain fell in the town and surrounding district in just 30 minutes. He says a full assessment of the situation will be made on Thursday morning but there were no reports of injuries or damage.
12th March 2010
A historic guide on Willowmore as a trading and farming community, its historical buildings and farms. It also features tourist attractions and selected accommodation in and around the town.
18th February 2010
The Sewefontein Wild Fig Tree Forest and Seven Fountain hiking train is now open. Two guides are on duty between 08:00 to 17:00 to take visitors on guided walks.
14th December 2009
Steytlerville's annual Rainbow Festival is a celebration of all the good things in life. Join our quaint little town as we uncover the colours of the Karoo and put on a display of the best local talent.
19th October 2009
31st July 2009

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