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  • Rietbron Handcrafts is currently situated in one of the classrooms at the local Primary School.

About Rietbron Handcrafts

When one first encounters this seemingly deserted and dilapidated town, one’s being is filled by the Karoo silence, the small town hospitality offers solace to the heart and breathtaking sunsets touch one’s soul. During the mid 19th century, when wild ostrich and springbuck roamed the plains between Beaufort West, Willowmore and Aberdeen the farm Rietbron was established, which later became a town with basic amenities like a school and a church – the only church in South Africa with a springbuck as its weathervane. In this town, which provides only in the most basic needs of its residents 10 women and a man create hearts, crosses and angels from fine wire, crystals, beads and sequins.

With less than 20 houses permanently occupied, Rietbron has become a retreat for many a city dweller who wants to escape the hustle and bustle and unwind in a setting where one is confronted by an unpretentious, slow-paced life. The difference here is the people.

The Rietbron Handcraft project was established in 2009. The project was pioneered by the then Cacadu District Municipality and a company, Craft Partner, to increase local employment opportunities, especially among women and improve living standards by mobilising the community to engage in sound arts and crafts manufacturing practices.

Their skills were transformed from simple knitting and crocheting to using those same skills with wire, which is then stained with a special technique. They have developed quirky, feminine products, which involuntarily ignites associations of ‘the good old days’ – Granny’s crocheted bedspread, embroidered fabric and lace collars. Today their beautiful crafts are sold as far as Norway and are perfect gifts for loved ones back home. 

Visit the Rietbron Crafters and view the making of beautiful hand made crafts done by members of the Rietbron community. They are also well known for their hearts made from wire. Products can be purchased on site.