Steytlerville Crafters Community

The Baviaans Municipality started a programme for the development of Arts and Crafts in the Greater Baviaans Area early in 2011.

The programme aimed to develop certain craft skills within the local community and simultaneously provide opportunities for income generation.

The original brief for the skills development was that crafts should be chosen which could be learnt is a relatively short period and would not require expensive raw materials and input costs.

The products chosen for the programme should be commercially viable and also focus on recycling opportunities. The Steytlerville Crafters Community was started in a very small and uninspiring building in the main street.

They had no electricity or any running water. Despite this, the Crafters persisted in their quest to further their vision to become a sustainable crafters community.

In discussion with the Baviaans Municipality the Hannah Hayward Hall was acquired for them to continue their product development and to assess the viability of a sustainable craft shop in Steytlerville.

crafters1.jpg crafters2.jpg

There are currently 7 permanent crafters working on site producing high quality products and mostly from recycled materials.

crafters3.jpg crafters4.jpg

They are now in a position to support their own craft shop with stock as well as supply the Baviaans Kloof Craft shop as well as the Polka Dot gift shop established in the Royal Hotel in Steytlerville.



A visit to the Steytlerville Craft shop is an absolute essential when visiting the town.

The shop is open every Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9h00 to 17h00.

Any inquiries can be directed to Johan Trollip at or cell 0844878839


steytlerville crafters community

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