Local Products Willowmore

Hendrick Kleinbooi
Hendrick started experimenting with wire works in 2009 to support his family when he found himself unemployed. He uses old off-cuts of wire which he picks up off the streets.
Phone: 073 886 9435
Gospal Clan Choir
The Gospal Clan has been in existence since 1964. The original members include P Korkee, PR Plaatjies, K Jantjies and P Kees.
Phone: 044 923 1265 / 078 6
Willowmore Community Nursery Project
The nursery started in 2008 as a project of the Department of Social Development and has provided 13 unemployed locals with jobs.
Phone: 079 368 3651
Karosa Restaurant
This Co-operative consists of seven women who run a restaurant. The women can cater for all tastes and occasions and are used by various businesses in town.
Phone: 044 923 1044
Marcello Farendale
Marcello Farendale is a self-taught artist specialising in sculpture and painting. Marcello started painting at the age of seven and is only limited by the materials he can find.
Phone: 061 326 7450
Youth Advisory Centre
Willowmore's youth centre provides locals with computer training and career advice.
Phone: 044 923 2102
Vondeling Optel Crafts
Established in 2006, Vondeling Optel Crafts provides jobs for 16 locals who work full-time to produce works which are sold locally and in Cape Town and Norway. Alternative number: 044 923 1100
Phone: 078 030 8730 Website
Mossie George & Chalton Prins
Mossie and Chalton collect scrap wire and metal which they use to make decorative art.
Phone: 078 186 9180
Training Centre
With so many training programmes continuously taking place in the Baviaans, there was a great need to have a designated training centre in Willowmore.
Phone: 044 923 2388

local products willowmore

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